Precision CNC Machinists

Multi-disciplined machining services from
initial design to manufacture and delivery

Precision CNC turning and milling specialists

Here at Chad we have a highly skilled team of engineers utilising high-end machinery so we can offer multi-disciplined machining services, taking your project from initial design to manufacture and delivery

Proactive customer relationships

Our production department manufacture for mostly domestic clients but many international clients also. This means we have very flexible working hours and we are sensitive to all specific clientele requirements.

Design, Prototyping & Fabrication

A broad spectrum of clients, all with particular needs results in us stepping into projects at varying stages. Our team can help whatever your requirements: from CAD drawings straight through to full scale manufacture

A visual overview of our capabilities

At Chad we excel in CNC turning and milling, we also specialise and are highly skilled in many other capabilities. We have capacity to, and do regularly work with a huge range of materials. Our online image gallery will give you a glimpse of the type of work we undertake and our Capacity Page will further explain all the processes we undertake for our many of our great clients!

Some examples of our products

This is an image library of some of our raw materials and also some products we have been asked to fabricate along the way.

All of our production processes are carried out under strict quality control and rigorous inspection, the processes and equipment used to produce these products include:

  • Turned CNC components
  • Milled CNC components
  • Metrology equipment
  • Basic inspection equipment
  • Advanced inspection equipment
  • Precision assembly line

About Us

Chad Engineering UK Ltd is a sub-contracting precision CNC machining specialist. We have been in the business of metal fabrication for over 30 years and know the industry inside out.

Here at Chad we pride ourselves on our staff being trained to their maximum potential, producing components to the highest level of quality, all this done in the most cost effect and efficient way. This work ethic results in guaranteed customer satisfaction, repeat business and extremely well manufactured products.

Investing in various state of the art machines, and constant updating and maintenance, makes sure Chad Engineering stays on top of the game.

  • Family

    Not just a company but a Family (yeah right I hear you say! But it is a fact). We not only enjoy what we do, but have a bunch of people who all get along whilst doing it! Why not meet the team?

  • Investment

    Here at Chad Engineering we are constantly investing in new technologies. We are of the belief; If we keep investing in ourselves and the most up to date processes, then our clients will keep investing in us.

  • 24 Hours availability

    We are happy to manufacture beyond the normal schedule –
    Having been in the industry for over 30 years we know ours clients require their jobs to completely ‘YESTERDAY’. We therefore have very flexible working hours and we are sensitive to all specific clientele requirements.

  • Storage

    Chad can also provide a clean and safe storage solution. We offer a ‘both on and offsite’ storage service for clients. Whether it be too big for you to store, or too heavy…we can cater for it.

What others say about us:-

Dealing with Chad was a pleasure. They took our initial CAD drawing and tweaked them where needed as we were unsure about the specifications for our end product. They turned the project around well within the needed deadline and for a reasonable price. Thank you guys!

We designed a product for a client that needed a lot of precision CNC work. From the initial meeting we knew that Chad Engineering were the type of company we wanted to work with. They saw that attention to detail and quality of the final product were paramount. Thanks for all your hard work guys we will definitely use you again.

We worked together with Chad Engineering on a extremely technical project. We gave them a tough fabrication brief and combined our assembly lines to finish the product for our client. I have to say that Chad were nothing short of amazing partners throughout this job. Thank you Harm and your highly skilled team!

Their work has made a significant different to our business. Where as previously we would use a different company to fabricate our components we’ve now started using Chad Engineering. We’ve seen a 30% reduction in turnaround time and it is costing us significantly less, this has allowed our business to grow quicker than we had forecasted! Amazing Chad…Thank you.